Review by Alyssa


Review by Alyssa

One day, I was scrolling through my Insta feed and saw that a brand of eyeliner called Beauté wise was celebrating a milestone and having a giveaway! I thought “why not try?” and submitted my entry. A few days later, I was notified that I won! A $1 dual eyeliner pen that’s smudge/sweat/oil resistant? Yes, please! I quickly bought it and waited for it to arrive in the mail.

best. deal. EVER. 

The packaging is so cute and the pen is so pretty 

It’s a dual eyeliner pen, so one side has a thinner pen tip while the other side is thicker:

While I’m not the savviest makeup person, I wanted to see if this makeup could withstand the sweat power of PIIT28 (2.0). I’ve also been looking around for an eyeliner to wear during my POP Pilates workouts, so this was a great find! Here is my before and after picture:

I sweat like crazy during workouts, so this was a real test! It stayed on pretty well throughout the 30 minutes I was huffin’ and puffin’ and sweating my face off. Here’s a before/after close-up of the eyeliner.

Right eye:

Left eye:

It only came off a tiny bit on the left side, but overall, I love how much it stayed on and lasted through my sweaty workout!

This was PIIT28 tested, and PIIT28 approved in my book!

Thanks so much to Beauté wise for the amazing deal and beautiful dual eyeliner pen It’s $18 and ships FREE in the U.S.


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