6 Pro Secrets for a Speedier Makeup Routine

#1: Go Back to Basics

We hate to say it, but you don’t always have to go full-force with your makeup, especially on easy, uneventful days. Sometimes, sticking to a few key items will do the trick and get you out the door in minutes. “Don't feel like you have to apply everything all at once,” says New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca. “Create a five-minute makeup routine only involving your key essentials: tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush, concealer, and a lip product.” Hey, if it’s coming from a pro, we’re all about cutting corners.


#2: Invest in BB or CC Cream

In the world of multi-tasking beauty products, we would say BB and CC creams are the reigning king and queen (interchangeably, depending on which one you worship). Los Angeles-based makeup guru Rachel Halsey swears by them, as these magical products really flex their powerful muscles on those rushed, manic mornings. Not only do they provide skincare benefits, but they also give you coverage, saving you the extra step of throwing on foundation. We’re so on board.


#3: Make Bronzer Your Everything

While we’re on the topic of multi-tasking products, we can’t forget to mention our other beauty savior: bronzer. This ray of sunshine can give you a complete, natural look in just a few strokes of a brush. It can also serve as a contouring product for those days you want to look a little more chiseled and defined!


#4: Get Yourself a Multitasking Eye Pencil

Eyes and brows can be quite the time suck, especially when you have to rummage through your makeup stash for the 20 products it takes to get the job done. “I recommend doubling up with a two-toned eye pencil — one for the brows and one for the eyes,” says Halsey. You can also find a one-stop-shop formula that works as both an eyeliner and brow pencil!


#5: Plan Ahead

Already have your clothes laid out for tomorrow? “Create a makeup look to go with your outfit or whatever function you are attending so you can jump right into your routine the next day,” says Rebecca. Go the extra mile by having your products out and ready to be applied before you hit the hay!


#6: When In Doubt, Opt for Tinted Lip Balm

Sometimes choosing a lipstick can be a time-consuming process. And, when you’re already running behind, time is not a luxury you have. Halsey recommends keeping a tinted lip balm in your purse for those rushed mornings. Pick a shade that will give you a versatile hint of color and will work with any outfit.

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