The Best Makeup Looks of the Season Spring Trends


Shakespeare Express: The 5-Minute Face

No time? No problem. The beauty of Spring’s romance trend is that you can get it done in minutes.  Skip the foundation and powder so skin looks fresh and natural. 



The How-To’s:

1. Apply your favorite moisturizer to prime and hydrate the skin. Not only does it keep your makeup from looking chalky, but it’ll help it go on faster too. 
2. Choose a creamy concealer that’s the exact color of your skin—not lighter. Using your ring finger, start in the dark corners where your eyes merge with your nose, and slowly press the cream in. Roll and press some more until the color melts into your skin and erases any darkness. Make sure you’re not rubbing or you’ll wipe off more color than you apply.  Repeat on any other areas where you have redness or discoloration (like around the nostrils).
3. Dab a rosy pink cream blush onto cheekbones using your fingertips, and gently rub up and back. “Creams really are idiot-proof,” says Washington D.C.-based makeup artist Sally Sagarese. “And they look so much more natural than powdered blush because they keep that young, lustrous glow in the skin.
4. Swipe two coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.
5. Apply a tinted lip balm or sheer gloss with just a touch of color so you look “finished” without trying too hard.  


Got a few extra minutes: Swipe on a sheer antiquey eye shadow color like a sheer rose or bronze (think sepia-toned effect from your phone photo filters).
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