The Perfect Eye Shadow Palette for Blue Eyes

You blue-eyed ladies have it good. Your peepers have been envied far and wide for centuries. Heck, people go so far as to wear contacts to channel your aquamarine beauty! And since we’re all about flaunting what you’ve got, we here to help make those baby blues stand out even more.

We invited makeup guru Alana Dawn to the studio to create a stunning look from one (yes, one) eye shadow palette, specifically for you lucky ladies with blue eyes. After trying this out on your own, you’ll be serving up some serious eye envy!

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Step 1: Using a flat shadow brush, apply a matte brown to the lower half of the lid. Make sure to not cover the entire lid!

Step 2: Buff a burnt orange shade just above the matte brown, just up to the crease. Make sure to blend the shadow well so the color transition is seamless.

Step 3: Work a soft, peach shade into the crease.

Step 4: Finish off the look by layering a taupe shadow just above the crease. Blend the color well so it’s subtle.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

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