The Right Foundation Will Improve Your Skin

Somewhere along the line, the quest for the perfect pair of jeans and even better foundation has taken on a holy-grail-esque mythology. Not that we disagree: Both have the ability to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive. But, alas, to find the perfect match, one has to kiss a lot—and we mean, a lot—of frogs. Well, call us fairy godmother, because we’ve uncovered a foundation that meticulously glides over every pore and imperfection, covering—not smothering—your skin, while uncovering your most beautiful complexion yet.

Headshot, How to apply foundation 


18 Shades of Everything But Grey

No matter how good the ingredients and technology, you just can’t be a perfect foundation if you don’t actually match your skin, right? With 18 shades ranging from the Snow-Whitiest fairest of them all (Ivoire) to  several variations of rich, deep brown (Suede), finding the color that melts into your skin is a no brainer. The velvet sponge applicator is pretty amazing at helping to blend it all in.

Why Having a Filter is Important (for Foundation too)

It’s a tricky business, creating a formula that covers completely, but doesn’t look like your skin is wearing anything.  This chic little compact features a patented technology called Cushion Polar, which features a ton of tiny ultra-absorbent fibers. These fibers are covered by a filter that ensures an even, light-handed application. Bottom line: One gentle tap onto the cushion releases enough product to give the entire face an airbrushed finish. So you can’t overdo it, even if you try.

Thick is the New Thin

The last thing anyone wants to think about is thick foundation, but here’s a situation where a foundation starts out thick for greater coverage, but goes on thin.  Say what? Thanks to another new technology, this one called Jel-Liquid, the micro-pigmented formula stays dense and thick in the compact, but by the time it passes through the magic filter, your skin receives a more fluid version—easily blendable and naturally matte so it lets your skin look like YOUR skin, just way better.  That’s when the cooling effect kicks in, another perk that was created to help set your makeup so that it lasts all day. Bonus points for the SPF 50 protection.

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